KydRides is an app that helps kids arrive safely to their destinations. It allows parents to connect with the people they know, put out ride requests for their kids, and have them safely be transported to and from their appointments and activities.

KydRides solves a major problem. From RFC Member Jeff Sansone, the founder “Getting my kids around Ridgefield was no easy task when I couldn’t drive them, and all the transportation options had the same problem; strangers were driving. I created KydRides to help parents and drivers connect via their social networks so that transportation is easy and safe!”

KydRides takes the stress out of arranging transportation. KydRides has all the benefits of ridesharing, with the added security that you know the driver. You set the pickup location, the time and you can even offer Thank You dollars to help pay for gas and to thank your friend for their time, all while knowing your child is being driven by someone you know and trust.

KydRides even works for older kids. What better way for college kids to make some extra money than by providing rides for the next generation of kids in the neighborhood? KydRides, empowering the community to be there for one another.

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